Our Rosins Are Special

The “Cat Brand”; Millant Deroux rosin is our flag-ship product. We are still manufacturing it to the same exacting standards that were established over 100 years ago.

We use only the best ingredients. This rosin is suitable for violin, viola and cello. We find the sound produced by this classic rosin to be clean and subtle – a fine choice for professional and serious student alike.

Our ultra-soft, ultra-strong Jade rosin for the double-bass.

This formula has properties of dust-free adhesion. It avoids metallic residues, which do not contribute to grip, and may possibly scratch fine varnishes.

Our natural rosin strikes a happy medium between the classic dark rosin and the new Colophane 2000. The natural grade rosin offers the smooth sound of the classic dark blended with the robust, sparkling sound of the Colophane 2000.

Some years ago, we realized that there was a strong demand for an alternative to the smooth, soft sound of the Millant dark. After a long period of research, we came up with our light rosin, “Gold and Silver”.

This rosin gives a stronger, more aggresive sound; without giving up any of the quality our customers have come to expect from the Millant brand company.

This beautiful new product is a felicitous blend of our fine Millant rosin, natural grade. The case is an artistic collaboration with an Italian box-maker, who has created these delightful violin-shaped boxes of exotic, aromatic woods.

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