More About Jay Haide Models

violins, violas and cellos

The Jay Haide model 101 is our best-selling model. Economically priced for the serious student, but with the sound of a much more expensive instrument. The model 101 is available in violin (sizes 4/4 through 1/8), viola (sizes 14″ through 16″), cello (sizes 4/4 through 1/8) and double bass (3/4 and 1/2 sizes).

The model 101 is a great choice for the beginning or intermediate student looking for an instrument with a brilliant, highly responsive tone that will make learning new musical skills a pleasure.

Jay Haide à l’ancienne violins, violas and cellos are brought to you after years of development, with the collaboration of master European luthiers known for their fine varnish technique. The varnish is a new formulation, carefully applied and beautifully antiqued, giving each instrument the patina of age, so desired by both musicians and connoisseurs. And, they are as beautiful tonally as they are visually.

The Jay Haide à l’ancienne has been designed for the advanced student and professional who needs an instrument that will complement and enhance their artistic skills.

In recent years, there has been an increased interest in the performance of early music with original instruments. The Jay Haide à l’ancienne violins are now available in the Baroque style. These beautifully crafted violins are made to exacting Baroque specifications both for the professional who performs in baroque ensembles and for the advanced student with an interest in authentic early music performance. The à l’ancienne Baroque style violins have shorter necks set at a lower angle, smaller bass bar, low-tension gut strings, and other fittings suitable for perfoming in the baroque manner.

The Baroque model is currently only available in full-size violin.

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